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Language 101-Understanding the Terminology of The JourneyGuide

Below you will find terms that are used throughout your JourneyGuide. Familiarize yourself with these terms and use them as a way to create intentionality and awareness in your life.

Bumper Stickers affirmations. Daily positive message are a powerful tool to improve our daily mindset and feelings of self-worth. Taking time each day to speak positivity into your life can not only increase motivation and productivity, but also change our inner (critical) voice that drives us. And we all love a good bumper sticker right?!

Itineraryappointments and events. This space is meant for you to write important appointments for the day. Notice there is limited space for this. Often times we write al of our scheduled events for the day and are instantly overwhelmed, all before our day has even begun! Use this space as motivation to mindfully record the essentials.

Me First” Moments how are you taking time for yourself? This section was intentionally placed at the beginning of your week. What ways are you going to proactively take time for yourself throughout the wee? Being intentional about what this will look like will increase the likelihood of it happening.

Postcardsmemories. It is very common to reflect back on the week and realized that it was all a blur. Taking time to recall different moments throughout your week will help you to be more present. If you could look back at each week of your life, what memories would you like to recall?

Road Blocksobstacles. As you prepare for and reflect on your week, what are some areas that require extra energy and focus?

Scenery thoughts, feelings, reactions, brainstorming, etc. Use this space for journaling or as a place to record random moments that you would like to come back to throughout the day or week.

Vehicleyour body. Your journey cannot begin without you. Use this area to check-in on your physical well-being. Are you getting enough water? Are you eating in ways that fuel you? Are yo moving daily? Remember your vehicle is the key to your journey.

Weather Forecast your mood. Start each day with a forecast of where you are at emotionally. Take time throughout the day to cehck0in with yourself. Is your forecast accurate? Let your forecast guide you in terms of your needs.

You’re all set. Time begin your (imperfect) journey!

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